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Cancer does not arise from bad luck. Your genes are also not at fault.

This is amazing news! 

This is fantastic because you can't change your luck, and you can't change your genes. But you can change your health.

Let's do it together. 

-Andrea Schaffer
Functional Oncology Nutrition


I support clients at all stages of their cancer journey: health optimization, active cancer, and remission.

Like the uniqueness of you as a person, no two cancer cases are the same. Therefore, no two protocols should be exactly same. To customize a diet/lifestyle plan for you, we strive to assimilate all of the information possible to inform our bio-individualized plan for how to achieve YOUR health goals. 

How it Works
Initial Consultation- $79

We start with a 60 minute initial consultation over Zoom videoconference to explore more about you, your wellness journey and your health goals. This will be an opportunity to clarify your wellness vision and learn more about some steps you can take now to improve your health. During this call, we will determine if what I have to offer is a good match for you.





4-Month Deep Dive Package - $797

The goal of working together for 4 months is to take a deep dive into your health. We will utilize a bio-individually customized plan based on your diagnosis, health history, Terrain 10 Questionnaire results, extensive labs and genetics for how you can improve your health at any stage of your cancer journey. Note: you will have your doctor order these blood labs and you will order the Nutrition Genome testing separately. These are additional costs.


This package includes:

  • 3 recorded Zoom consultations:

    • 1st Consultation (90 minutes): we will dive into your health history, the aspects of your terrain that may be out of balance, existing labs and test results. If your nutrigenomic report is ready, we will also dive into this. We will discuss concrete steps for you to take with a metabolic diet and lifestyle. You will receive resources for implementing your diet and lifestyle plan, including the cronometer diet diary.

    • 2nd Consultation (60 minutes): we will review your new labs and/or Nutrition Genome results and cronometer diet diary. We will continue to tailor your diet to support your health using the new testing results as well as troubleshoot anything that could be going better (side effects from Standard of Care treatments, dietary issues, need for more recipes/resources, etc.) 

    • 3rd Consultation (60 minutes): we will go over your nutrigenomics data (if not done at a prior appointment), any new labs available and your cronometer diet diary. We will speak about additional ways we can support your health journey.

  • Unlimited chat support through  PracticeBetter​

  • Yes/No Foods List

  • A customized bio-individualized metabolic diet recommendation and detailed instruction on how to implement your personalized anti-cancer diet

  • Recipes and cooking resources

  • Comprehensive nutrigenomics (Nutrition Genome) analysis

  • Lab Spreadsheet

  • Supplement Review & Recommendations

  • Integrative Doctor Referrals

  • Cronometer Walkthrough & Instruction

  • Lifestyle recommendations & resources

  • Environmental toxin impact review & recommendations for improvement


Once you have completed an initial consultation and we agree to move forward together, I will send you a link to book this service.

Other Services

Introduction to SuperKeto! - $99

SuperKeto is what I like to call my version of a healthy, therapeutic metabolic diet for cancer and other health issues. It is a far cry from "internet keto" which emphasizes a gluttony of meat and cheese. In this 60 minute Zoom video consultation, we will talk about what SuperKeto is, why it is therapeutically helpful, which foods to eat and not eat, how to increase ketones, and how to test them. I will also provide resources for recipes and how to make your SuperKeto as delicious as possible. This is a stand alone service, you do not need to have an initial consultation in order to book this service.

Note: This service is included in the Deep Dive Package.

Nutrigenomic Analysis- $350

Have you ever wondered whether your genes impact what you should eat for optimal health? This is your opportunity to find out. This 90 minute consultation provides an in-depth analysis and review of your genetic predisposition related to diet, lifestyle, and environment as uncovered in your Nutrition Genome report. You'll get a complete analysis of how your genes impact your metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, caffeine and micronutrients as well as your tendencies regarding detoxification, stress, and more.

Note: this service is included in the Deep Dive Package.


Prior to booking this analysis, please purchase your Nutrition Genome Test. Results can take 4-5 weeks for processing. 

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