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  • Andrea Schaffer

Prep Day = How I stay Sane!

Eating well 3 times a day seven days a week can be challenging, if not impossible, when you try to cook from scratch at every meal. The key to success? Shopping, planning and prepping ahead!

I optimally like to get some prep done on the weekend for the hectic early part of the week, and then again on Thursday when I get my Mountain Bounty CSA box. Reality hits, so sometimes it happens only once a week if the week is a super hairy monster. Every little bit helps!

I start with a list of the veggies on hand and what needs to be used up. I build a plan from there, and build easily made ahead parts on my prep day.

My veggie list for the week! The goal is to cross everything off by Thursday when the next CSA box comes!

Some of the things I like to prepare ahead:

  • salad dressing for the week (homemade is really best since most commercial salad dressings have toxic seed oils)

  • breakfast meatballs for the freezer

  • a huge pot of soup for a dinner and the rest of the week lunches

  • bone broth that I use in EVERYTHING

  • braised cabbage

  • slow cook a chicken

  • spiced nuts for snacks- I like to sprout, dehydrate, and then bake them with butter/ghee and herbs/spices

  • delicious sauce for dressing veggies (sauce makes everything better)

  • wash and cut up lettuce or veggies for salads and snacks

What are your prep day favorites?

This is one of the many strategies for success that we will talk about in the Real Food Reboot!

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