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  • Andrea Schaffer

Coffee-Addict. Cured?

Can I just say it? I LOVE my morning Bulletproof coffee. Potentially more than chocolate. (Did I really just say that? Blasphemy!) However, couple of weeks ago, I started feeling like I needed to change my relationship with the caffeine part of my morning joe. My sleep was easily disturbed and I was waking up in the morning NEEDING that jolt of caffeine. And even worse, when the afternoon came around my energy completely crashed and burned.

As an NTP, I try to listen to my body's cries for help, but I can be stubborn about my beloved coffee. Finally, I gave in and began the weaning process, and started having green tea in the morning (still caffeinated but much less than my super-powered coffee). The first day was fine, but by the end of the second day, my head was pounding (hello, addiction???). The next morning, I felt so much better. I continued on with green tea for a few days, but was really missing the deep, creamy taste and ritual of bulletproof coffee. Then I remembered that my dear friend Deena had posted a while back about Rasa, an adaptogenic coffee substitute. Full of energy balancing, stress fighting Ayurvedic herbs, mushrooms and adaptogens, I immediately ordered a starter pack.

I am overjoyed to say that Rasa has not only gotten me off of caffeine and changed my natural energy for the entire day, but it is truly delicious! And I can still make it bulletproof! I dare say I like it better than coffee??! Maybe I'm cured!

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