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  • Andrea Schaffer

Are you ready for the Real Food Reboot? Yeah!

Wait- what is the Real Food Reboot?

The Real Food Reboot is delicious!

I designed the Real Food Reboot to be what I wished I had prior to my adventure in Nutritional Therapy. When I started my NTP program, I was struggling with weight, blood sugar issues, hormonal issues, and a lot of moodiness and incredible stress. My doctor could not help me, as she did not have the tools to guide me. As I went through my nutritional education program, I learned so much about how to fix these problems and as time went on, I felt better. So much better that the weight is coming off (it is a work in progress!), the stress is going away and I feel more energetic than I have in years.

The Real Food Reboot is a guided group nutrition program that lasts for 1 month. It is comprised of a whole food, customizable ketogenic diet that will set you on your way to feeling energetic, clear headed and satiated all day long. No shakes, powders or processed food and no desperate, moody hunger at 3pm.

During the course of the program, we will discuss what a ketogenic diet is, as well as how to adjust it to accommodate your individual body's needs and avoid common keto pitfalls. We will learn all about blood sugar and how to manage it throughout the day. We will also discuss digestion and work on gut health so that as you change your diet, you will be able to remove released toxins. Finally, you will also be given resources on how to incorporate this new way of eating in a stress free, manageable way.

What could you gain by investing this month in your health?

• Increase your energy

• Explore possibilities of food intolerances that are taking your health hostage

• Improve digestive woes like heartburn, constipation, gas and bloating

• Learn why you feel “hangry” at 3pm and what to do about it

• Learn which fats to eat and which to avoid

• Reduce stress and anxiety by avoiding blood sugar swings

• Eliminate sugar cravings

Are you ready to join us? Click here for more information!

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